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A family business that preserves trades with tradition
The company Wool Payo, located in the locality of Palencia to Paredes de Nava, started its activity in the year 1988. It was founded by two brothers, Francisco and Ismael Payo Pajares, who now have joined their efforts the second generation of the family.

This company has always been dedicated to the washing and processing of wool from the sheep for their subsequent shipment to textile mills devoted to the manufacture of tapestries, carpets, etc
The company Wool Payo to purchase the wool in Castile and León, Aragon, Castilla La Mancha and Navarra. This wool is transported to the stores of this company palentina for their subsequent transformaciónl then proceed to the washing of the wool in the washing Wools Payo.
The wool comes packaged with the target factories that are dedicated to making thread. We work wool between 27 and 33 μm, fundamentally, what makes it especially suitable for the manufacture of rugs, carpets, linings of clothing, linings of shoes, etc
+34 979 83 08 56
+34 979 83 04 84 (fax)

Ctra. Palencia-Villada Km. 17  34300 Paredes de Nava  (Palencia)
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